AJS Express celebrates 2 years in business

November 12th 2020 marks 2 years of AJS Express. In this time we’ve come across many challenges, been dealt some blows and faced the effects of a Global Pandemic. But would we have done anything differently? Probably not! Because we believe these have made us undoubtedly into a better business. And that’s what it’s all about. Being the best business we can be and providing the best service to our customers.

We have many exciting plans for the future, some of which are already in motion. We hope to be able to share these with you all at the beginning of the new year. We’re also having our recently updated logo and graphics applied to our vehicles, so don’t be alarmed if you see plain vans in the interim!

As always, we are grateful to all of our customers for their continued support. Some have been with us since the very beginning when it was just Tony and his Transit. Others are newbies to the AJS Express party. But we value each and every one and hope to continue our relationships for many years to come.